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Dig Deeper: A 21-Week Guide to Self-Discovery Through Plants

Introducing "Dig Deeper: A 21-Week Guide to Self-Discovery Through Plants" – a groundbreaking book that invites you to embark on a transformative journey. Uncover the captivating parallels between nurturing indoor plants and fostering your personal growth. Drawing profound insights from the world of plant care, this remarkable guide offers a fresh perspective on vital concepts. Inspired by Alisha's life challenges, it empowers you to cultivate personal growth and unlock your true potential. Explore the intersection of plant parenting, personal development, and healing from childhood trauma in this enlightening 5 month guide.

Book no.1
Aloe Vera Plant

In 21-Weeks

You will gain these skills:


Work to Heal from Trauma

Explore how childhood trauma can influence your adult life and develop strategies for healing and fostering personal growth.


Foster an Ideal Environment for Growth


Create the ideal conditions for your plant's well-being, considering factors like sunlight, humidity, and proper watering and fertilization.


Uncover your Triggers

Recognize and proactively address both internal and external challenges, triggers, and your individual needs in daily life.


Identify Common Problems

Understand the signs that something is wrong with your plant and take proactive measures to maintain its health.


Discover your Needs

Identify and nurture your unique personal needs for personal development and growth.


Care Techniques


Master essential plant care techniques, including repotting, pruning, and propagation, to facilitate robust growth


Gain Tools

Acquire valuable tools to effectively navigate life's obstacles and gain a deeper understanding of the growth process.


Nurturing Growth

Apply helpful tools and methods to cultivate your plant's growth and ensure its overall vitality.

“I hope the Dig Deeper 21-week journey helps you discover your best self, heal, and gain the tools you need to process life’s challenges, dismantle past traumas, and change your growth pattern from surviving to thriving.”

- Alisha M. Bridges, excerpt from Dig Deeper


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