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Embracing Vulnerability: Healing Through Truth

Dig Deeper Objective Week 1: The Seeds that are Planted

May I share a vulnerable moment with you? About a week before my book's release, I found myself consumed by a gnawing worry. I feared that the tasks outlined in the Dig Deeper objectives might delve too deeply into negativity, stirring up a storm of anxiety within me. It kept me tossing and turning for the entire week leading up to the release. I cried. I fretted. I even contemplated canceling the release altogether. The fear of judgment and the nagging sense that my book wasn't good enough paralyzed my ability to see beyond the negativity.

Then, a few weeks later, my ideas changed during a heart-to-heart conversation with a dear friend. Amidst our conversation about navigating our own traumas, they shared something profoundly insightful about their journey:

"I had to say my insecurities out loud... I had to get them out of my head so I could hear how hurtful they were. It was the only way I was going to recognize what needed to change."

Quote card that reads To overcome self-limiting beliefs, you first must identify the negative beliefs you have about yourself, understand how they impact you, find the source of these beliefs, and question their validity.
Quote Card

That simple truth enveloped me like a warm embrace, bringing me a sense of peace with the direction of the book. YOU HAVE TO SAY WHAT HURTS YOU OUT LOUD. Week 1 of Dig Deeper guides you to truly confront these thoughts in your mind so you can began to acknowledge their hurtfulness. Then, you must delve into where this hurt originates. Yes, it might be difficult, but for both me and my friend, on our journeys of self-discovery and healing, what we shared was the act of saying it out loud. Calling out those negative thoughts and perceptions in our minds was truly the first step in our healing process.

In the first week of the Dig Deeper journey, your task is to start vocalizing your insecurities.

  • Meditate on your negative self-perceptions.

  • Explore where these ideas stem from.

  • How do they connect to your past and present?

"Embrace your vulnerability and heal through truth."

This concept is explored in the first week of my book 'Dig Deeper: A 21-Week Guide to Self-Discovery Through Plants!'

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