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Houseplants and Mental Health: The Ultimate Guide to Completing the Dig Deeper 21-Week Journey

Updated: Mar 21

What is Dig Deeper: A 21-Week Guide to Self-Discover Through Plants?

Hi, I'm Alisha Bridges, and I would like to introduce "Dig Deeper: A 21-Week Journey to Self-Discovery Through Plants" – your guide to healing and growth. Explore the connection between houseplants, mental health, plant care and personal development. Drawing from real-life challenges, empower yourself on this enlightening 5-month journey. Once you purchase the book, complete your 21-week journey with these 3 easy steps.

Black woman holding nerve plant
Me holding a nerve plant (That I eventually killed, smh)

Step 1: Select a Plant to Nurture Over the Span of 21 Weeks

Start your transformative journey by choosing a plant to nurture over the course of 21 weeks.

Step 2: Dive into the Concept of Growth

Each week, you will explore how the growth of your chosen plant mirrors your own personal development. Using simple metaphors and relatable anecdotes from my own journey, you'll uncover the connections between nurturing plants and nurturing yourself. See firsthand how caring for your plant can lead to positive change in both your inner world and the world around you.

Step 3: Engage in Reflection and Action

At the conclusion of each chapter or weekly reading, engage in thought-provoking tasks and reflective questions designed to deepen your understanding of the week's theme. These exercises will not only nurture your plant companion but also nurture your own personal growth journey. By experiencing the ebb and flow of caring for a plant, you'll gain valuable insights into your own ups and downs of growth and healing.

Unlock the Power of Community

Book cover for Dig Deeper
Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover

Should you desire additional support and fellowship throughout your 21-week journey, consider joining my vibrant social media community, or form a study group with fellow plant people using the hashtags #DigdeeperBook. Be sure to follow me on instagram at Share experiences, exchange wisdom, and celebrate the collective growth experienced along the way.

Together, let's cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us, one plant at a time. Purchase my book 'Dig Deeper: A 21-Week Guide to Self-Discovery Through Plants!'

Begin your journey with me starting March 31st! The first day of Spring. Be sure to subscribe to learn more!

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